high there

Rhay Taylor
mother fucking heart breaking


this is my favorite picture hands down, i wanna lay right next to him

thats a girl
Get up and look in your mirror stop looking at all the negatives and focus on the positives every day get up and just think about how beautiful you really are you need to stop hiding behind a wall of insecurities and be your happy amazing self. Smile like there's nothing wrong in this world laugh like everything is funny and be yourself! Don't hide behind a wall of makeup becuase what's under is a 1000000 times better! Keep your head up high and ignore everyone who tries to bring you down xx asked by Anonymous

This seriously is the nicest thing anyone has said to me on here! I wish you werent on anonymous so I could talk to you! xx

thoughs on ashlee dawes? asked by Anonymous

Woah one of the most gorgeous girls iv ever seen, 

So nice too! But we dont talk that much

Thoughts on christian maurirere, asked by Anonymous

very nice boy, soooo sxc

best root? asked by Anonymous

umm memo my ex

You alright Rhayrhay? asked by high-volume
please dont let one crappy night take the rest of your life.... asked by Anonymous
i think your a decent enough person, your good looking, seem nice and look as if your a good laugh, i dont think you really like that much anymore though. asked by Anonymous

you should inbox me on facebook

have you even done anything wrong to get this hate? asked by Anonymous

I don’t think so no

how come you dont delete hate and not answer it then people will stop because they will realise it doesnt phase you and not not having attention applied to it and block the anonymous sender? your perfect btw dont listen to these cunts asked by Anonymous

yeah I know. idk just when you’ve seen it so much you start to believe it and it gives you bad thought just like tonight :( thank you so much

why dont you tell your parents or someone about the hate and take anon off? asked by Anonymous

they know all about it and I don’t know how to do it :(